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Inzone Garland Hotel Qufu

Inzone Garland Hotel Qufu is located in Dehua Road, Qufu City, Shandong Province, adjacent to Confucius Avenue in the south, directly to Qufu high-speed railway station, and adjacent to the creative center and Museum of Qufu cultural industry park. The hotel is only 5 minutes' drive away from Lin kongfu, Confucius Temple and Confucius forest. As a rare high-rise building in the urban area, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the south of the city.
It has 17 floors of main building and one floor underground, with a total construction area of more than 20000 square meters. Hall bar, multi-function hall, tea house, private room and cafeteria are all available, and equipped with various multimedia conference facilities.

Breakfast price: CNY38($5.7) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Inzone Garland Hotel Qufu
Tel: +86-537-5056666
Add.: 169 Dehua Road, west of shengshuiyuan community, near Hong Road,